What is Nitrox?

Nitrox is a shot of liquid energy that can make you feel alert and feel full of vitality for several hours. The synergistic effect of our Health Club Quality ingredients and a perfect blend of caffeine. should not leave you with a crash. It has zero sugar, zero calories and zero Carbs.

When should I take Nitrox for it to be most effective?
Nitrox will help give you an energy boost when you feel tired. But Nitrox can also help you throughout the day and with your active lifestyle:

In the Morning: Nitrox can help you if you are not a morning person. Let Nitrox help jumpstart your day.

After Lunch: Feel like you are dragging after lunch? Just an ounce of Nitrox will perk you up and help you have a productive afternoon.

Weekends: Errands piled up? Taking on a major renovation project? Out biking or hiking with friends? Then kick start your weekend right with Nitrox.

Workout: Need some motivation to pump more energy into your workout routine? Nitrox can help you achieve your goals and stay the course.

Travel: Planning any roads trips or air travel? Stay alert and on course with Nitrox.

Party: Feel more energetic and vibrant with an ounce of Nitrox. Party on!

What flavors does Nitrox come in?
Nitrox comes in 6 great lasting flavors: Pomegranate, Grape, Berry, Sour Apple, Watermelon and Mango-Peach. All the flavors are best sellers. 6X the kick and no medicinal taste! That’s why everyone is switching to Nitrox as their energy drink of choice.

How much caffeine is in Nitrox?
Nitrox contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

How strong is Nitrox, really?
We believe that ONE ounce of Nitrox is equivalent to two ounces of the other old school energy drink shots on the market today. That’s how amazing Nitrox is.

What should I experience if I drink one ounce of Nitrox?
Ever remember sitting at a party and not really wanting to talk to anyone, feeling lethargic, wishing you were at least ten years youngers? After just one ounce of Nitrox, all of a sudden you can’t sit down! You find yourself walking around and talking to everyone and having the time of your life- suddently you notice it’s two in the morning, nearly four hours past your bedtime!

You’re in your 18-wheel rig, pickup truck or VW and driving from Dallas to Last Vegas via New York City and your eyes feel heavy. All you can think about is sleeping. How can Nitrox help?
With just a few swigs of Nitrox you find yourself more awake and alert than ever. You have cranked up the radio and are singing along to Meatloaf at the top of your lungs and without realizing you have driven across the country and are five miles from Las Vegas.

Why should I drink Nitrox on a full stomach?
Drinking Nitrox on an empty stomach may cause nausea. There should be at least some food in your stomach before consuming Nitrox and you should drink no more than half a bottle (one ounce) at one time.

I have drunk other energy drinks in the past and sure, I got a good kick of energy, but jus a few hours later I’m left feeling exhausted and tired. Is Nitrox going to do the same?
Nitrox is different from the old school stimulants that are comprised medium caffeine and a whole ton of sugar. Sure they pick you up but then you come crashing down. Because Nitrox has no sugar, no carbs, no calories and a perfect blend of caffeine, it should not leave you with a crash.

My girlfriend switched from another energy drink and is now drinking Nitrox. She told me that she lost ten pounds in a month. Will I lose weight if I drink Nitrox?
We do not make the claim that Nitrox will help you lose weight. However, many people report losing weight when switching from an existing energy drink to Nitrox. More often than not, this happens because the consumer has eliminated a massive amount of sugar and calories by dropping the old school energy drink that was laden with sugar to Nitrox which has Zero calories, Zero Carbs, and Zero Sugar. Another possible reason for the loss of weight could be Yohimbe, as an oral yohimbine supplementation may actuate significant fat loss in athletes.

The bottle says no to drink more than 2 oz. in an eight hour period. Why is this warning on the bottle?
When we say Nitrox is 6X the kick, we aren’t exaggerating. We feel the ingredients in Nitrox combined with the caffeine, create a synergistic or combined effect that is significantly more active than the old school brand of energy drinks on the market today. So now, with Nitrox, you only need a couple of ounces to get you through a day.

I drank half a bottle of Nitrox and felt shaky. Why?
Not all people have the same reaction. The shaky feeling usually occurs because your metabolic rate has increased and there is not enough blood sugar to accommodate the increased activity. Eat some carbohydrates, full or bread, and the shaky feeling should pass quickly. This is another reason why we strongly recommend that you drink Nitrox after you have eaten some food.